Curling Vine Wines

  • Vidal Blanc | $10.99
    A crisp, dry white wine with a lovely fruity aroma and just a touch of oak and spice. Pairs perfectly with seafood and poultry dishes.
  • Chardonel | $12.99
    A dry white wine with just a touch of oak and spice. Aged sur-lie in small oak barrels. Pairs well with seafood and poultry dishes and light pasta.
  • Perfect Red | $12.99
    A mellow dry red wine made from a blend of red grapes with fresh, fruity aromas and a touch of oak. The perfect pizza, pasta, burger wine.
  • Chambourcin | $13.99
    A medium-bodied red wine with soft tannin, vibrant black currant and cherry aromas and a touch of toasty oak and black pepper. Pairs well with grilled meats, pastas in rich red sauces and ripe cheeses.
  • Norton | $19.99 
    Missouri’s official state grape. A robust, deep-colored, dry red with a distinctive varietal character and a complex mix of fruit, spice and oak. Pairs well with red meats, ripe cheeses and dark chocolate.
  • Traminette | $13.49
    A crisp, spicy white wine featuring lovely floral aromas with hints of  lime, rose petal and sweet golden apple. Pairs perfectly with seafood and Asian cuisine.
  • Well Deserved White | $12.99
    A delicate, semi-sweet German-style white wine that’s not too dry, not too sweet. An ideal sipping wine. Pairs perfectly with lighter dishes, such as stir-fry, sausage, smoked salmon and fresh fruit.  
  • Well Deserved Red | $12.99
    A unique blend of red varieties, characterized by fresh fruit flavors and aromas. Light tannins and a touch of sweetness make this wine perfect chilled. Pairs well with ribs, burgers, ham and sausages.
  • Vignoles | $13.49
    A crisp, semi-sweet white wine that exudes the rich, fresh tropical fruit characteristics of the Vignoles grape. Pairs well with spicy foods, such as Asian and Mexican dishes, or desserts and fresh fruit.
  • Ultimate Rose’ | $10.99
    A soft, mellow, semi-sweet rose’ with a lovely floral, fruity aroma. Known as our “romantic wine.”  Pairs perfectly with ham and lighter foods.
  • Constant White | $10.99
    A sweet, German-style white wine loaded with luscious, ripe-fruit aromas and flavors. Pairs perfectly with fresh fruit and light desserts
  • Twisted Berry | $10.99
    A sweet grape wine with strawberry, cranberry and raspberry flavors that delight the taste buds. A light rose’ wine with the perfect twist of berries.
  • Twisted Sangria | $10.99
    A sweet red wine with twists of orange and lemon. The perfect sipping wine.
  • Twisted Peach | $12.49
    A sweet white wine with a twist of luscious peach flavor you won’t want to miss!
  • Twisted Blackberry | $12.49
    A sweet grape wine with rich blackberry flavor to  tantalize your taste buds!
  • Twisted Cranberry | $12.49
    A sweet grape wine with a tangy twist of ripe cranberry flavor. Perfect for the holidays or a quiet night at home.
  • Pink Catawba | $10.99
    A fruity, sweet rose’ full of famous Catawba flavor. Serve  well-chilled as an after-dinner wine, or with cheese and fruit.
  • Bubba’s Red | $10.99
    A rich, sweet red wine bursting with the flavor of ripe Concord grapes. Sip by itself, make your own wine spritzer, or enjoy with dessert.
  • Profound | $21.99
    A slightly aged port-style dessert wine with powerful blackberry and cassis flavors. Enjoy now or allow to age a few years. Pairs perfectly with nuts, cheese, dessert or after-dinner conversation.
  • Savvy | $18.99
    A rich, sweet cream sherry dessert wine with a complex nutty aroma and flavor. Serve by itself or with your favorite dessert.

Non-Alcoholic Juices

  • Concord Grape Juice | $7.49
    Naturally sweet pure grape juice
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