The Curling Vine Story

Curling Vine owners Thomas and Andrea Held have a long history in the wine industry.

Thomas Held’s family revived the Missouri wine industry at Stone Hill Winery in Hermann. When Thomas was two years old his first job was slipping the seals on the top of the bottles after they had been corked.

After high school, Thomas attended the University of Arkansas and Fresno State in California, where he earned a degree in food science with a minor in enology and viticulture. He impressed his teachers and fellow students with his knowledge of grape growing, wine making and wine making equipment.

When his parents decided to open a Branson location, 23 year old Thomas was chosen to oversee the operation. Through the “School of Hard Knocks,” the wisdom of his parents and a network of Branson business people, the Branson location was a huge success

Andrea Held started work at the Branson winery in 1987, first as a tour guide, then as assistant manager. In 1998, when Thomas returned to Hermann, she took over as general manager of the Branson location.

In 2002, when Thomas and Andrea wed, she moved to Hermann to be a domestic engineer, specializing in child psychology, juvenile transportation, culinary feats of excellence, laundry aficionado, and all around Mom stuff for their six children.

Eventually, Thomas and Andrea decided on a new direction, rebranding the Branson and New Florence locations to Curling Vine Winery.

The wines are still produced by the award-winning winemakers at Stone Hill Winery. Personally selected and approved by Thomas and Andrea.

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